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Research and Intervention Tools, Training Material and Guides

The material that can be found here, protocols, guides, instruments, has been developed for a number of the methodologies used in the course of the fieldwork. These have been used to facilitate research team training and research ethics submissions, help data gathering, analysis and intervention.

Sierra Leone Psychological Distress Scale

The SLPDS is a measure of adult psychological distress which has been designed specifically for the Sierra Leone context. It can be used freely by any individual or organisation for assessment of community needs or for the evaluation of mental health and/ or psychosocial services. This webpage provides all the information needed to use the SLPDS safely and effectively, and how to get further information where necessary.

NCD clinical deskguide

RUHF researchers, the Ministry of Health (MoH) and other relevant stakeholders have finalised a desk guide, for uncomplicated non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and mental health (MH) cases. This deskguide is designed for qualified clinicians, such as doctors, community health officers (CHO) and mental health nurses in Sierra Leone. It is a concise ‘quick reference’ to identify, diagnose and treat NCDs, such as hypertension and diabetes, and MH issues, such as depression. The deskguide has been adapted to the Sierra Leone population and context, and is complemented with a facilitator course guide.

View the Sierra Leone NCD clinical desk guide: Non-Communicable Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment Deskguide 

View the facilitator course guide: Facilitator Course Guide: Non-Communicable Diseases desk guide Training

View the treatment cards: Treatment Cards: Hypertension and Diabetes

View the participant module on NCDs: Participant Module: Non-Communicable Diseases

Training videos have been developed in Nigeria in order to assist with the implementation of their NCD desk guide. View the NCD training videos in Nigeria on our YouTube channel: NCD Training Videos in Nigeria

Social mobilisation guide – a community mobilisation approach. An example of salt reduction and stroke prevention in Sierra Leone from the RUHF programme.

COVID management guides

See the health facility COVID deskguide: Health Facility desk guide in the context of COVID-19

See the module for rural health facilities during COVID: Module for rural health facilities during COVID-19

Research tools and guides

View the Clinic Ethnography protocol, for the assessment of patient experience and service provision culture: A Guide to Clinic Ethnography ( March 2019) – ( Full report available on request via IGHD Email Address )

View the Participatory Assessment Tool for Mapping Social Connections: Social Connections Tool – A Users’ Guide

View the Guide for Participatory Systems Analysis: Scripts to Support Group Model Building- A Guide for Participatory Systems Analysis